John Schaub – Landlording Single Family Homes 2019

John Schaub – Landlording Single Family Homes 2019 3.5 out of 5 based on 21 ratings.

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Market. I currently have 4 single family left in San Diego. 12 month’s ago I had 10 single family her in San Diego. Now I have 4 still in San Diego, 8 single family in a different state and 4 Apartment complexes in another state too. I now have 57 front doors.

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John Schaub and Peter Fortunato host a seminar they call building wealth one house at that time. This is a seminar designed to teach you management acquisition strategies. According to their website they put this seminar on once a year.

I began my rental property journey in another common way, by moving out of my primary home and converting it to a rental property. From that “baby step” I was able to keep adding single family homes and duplexes to my real estate portfolio and I have never looked back!

A fantastic real estate investor who focused primarily on single family homes. Books and videos by Jack can still be purchased and viewed today. The videos in particular offer insight and value that many of today's "gurus" can only imagine. William Nickerson – Deceased.