Dr. Elaine Ingham – Compost Class 2019

Dr. Elaine Ingham – Compost Class 2019 3.5 out of 5 based on 25 ratings.

Compost Technology and Methods, March 2 . The Compost class instructs specific methods of producing different varieties of organic compost. Attendees will learn about the various aspects of quality compost and how to consistently produce biologically active and effective compost. This class is instructed by Dr. Elaine Ingham and Todd Harrington.

For my Masters in Environmental Science, I am using compost and compost tea on athletic field turfgrass to see if it can successfully be used in place of traditional chemical maintenance. This would not only directly improve the soil and plant health as hypothesized by Dr. Elaine Ingham (Soil Foodweb Inc, 2018), but would also benefit the.

The Compost class has info about exactly how Elaine teaches that you should build and monitor a hot compost pile (which is rather specific, compared to all the stuff on the internet), both at backyard scale and at large scale. An unexpected boon was the depth of coverage on worm compost.

Queen of Compost: Dr. Elaine Ingham From turning compost, to butting heads with biotech, to bringing the microscope to the masses, Dr. Ingham's goal is the same: Protect and nurture soil life. Dr. Elaine Ingham joined the Rodale Institute as chief scientist earlier this year and is getting ready to lead her second class on the farm about the.

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